10 Best Foodie Destinations Around the World

We have heard the basic old saying soul for food, food for the soul. Food is essential for us to sustain health and be full of energy. It is our living potion. When it comes to food, we know there are lots of choices from continental to Indian, from Mexican to Japanese. Every country has different levels of nutrition and taste for food. Food is always combined with starters and adds to be foody truthful it enhances our experience ten times better. People are there who explore the world to taste the food. Not to forget that food is even more beautiful and exotic because it always gets mixed with the culture of the place. This helps to have a delicious experience overall. Traveling around the world is the most beautiful experience.

  1. Paris, France

Paris is an exotic place of food and fragrance. Light cakes and croissants and croques monsieurs are the best to taste. These are along the sides of the Eiffel Tower and also Sacre – Coeur. But we need to know the best places to get the beauties of France. There is even a lot of street food along with the monuments and different parks. Here we are going to get delicious fluffy cakes from the best baker’s kitchen. This is a part of Paris, and here, food exploration is an important part.

  1. New York City, New York, USA

New York is one of the important cities of the United States of America. One of the most important and delicious foods of New York is Pizza. Variations of pizzas are available there with different kinds of toppings both for vegetarians and non-vegetarian. These are available through street vendors as well as in high-starred restaurants. This city is famous for different burgers and pizzas, all made by talented chefs and their beautiful creations. If you want to explore the restaurants, here we have some examples like– Le Bernardin, Eleven Madison Park and Cosmo and many others.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

Japan is a significant food-loving country of the extreme East. The most famous food in Japan is Sushi. It is a combination of rice and other stuff and makes it deliciously tasty when steamed hot. Sushi is available in various places in Japan, like in the old Tsukiji outer market and other sites. These are available in the small back alleys and backsides of the country, like the rural and outskirts. This is also available in high graded restaurants and also in small shops. The most amazing aspect is in every part of the city the taste differs slightly then the other part. Tasting Sushi is a must for all food lovers.

  1. Lima, Peru

It is one of the most exciting things in the whole food world that Peru was named the top American Food and Drink destination. Peru is one of the most famous food destinations globally with a beautiful amalgamation of food cultures of different countries like Spain, China, Japan, and many more countries. The authentic variants of different countries create some kind of new food and combined with new taste. Another important thing is that Peru has a wide range of local foods and street foods and one needs to taste that to taste the most authentic Chicharrones.

  1. Hongkong

Hongkong is a very colorful city full of experience with its great exploration of food and how to make it. It has many food stalls, cultural hubs, restaurants, bars, and other places, making it worth visiting. If you want complete exploration of food in Hongkong take your backpack and go on an exploration in food. Few of the restaurants that come to our mind are like– Michelin- star meal, Tim Ho Wan, in One Dim Sum. There are numerous restaurants where you can explore the best.

  1. India

Not to forget, India is a land of exotic diversity in every field. India has 29 states, and each of the states has a variation in taste when it comes to food like, in the north of India, there is a variation of wheat-made and chicken-made food, and in the south, there are dahi vada, dosa food, in eastern and western there are again variations. Again community wise there are different tastes of food and specialty. It is recommended to taste all the states because every state is filled with their authentic style and sweet delicious food.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is a place of delicious foods with authentic, beautiful taste full of historical places to visit. Different experiments are even carried out by mixing and adding. Also there are food items that are mixed and made through different styles but aiming towards the full utility and by contacting the authentic taste of the nation. Some of the food items are — Doner Kebab, Meze, Pide and Baklava, and many more.

  1. Catalunya, Spain

Spain is a place which is rich in varied kinds of authentic taste and different ingredients made to make the food much better and interesting. It enhances the flavor of the food item. In Spain also there are varied kinds of food products available and also available in different corners of the state in different ways. This is one of the very famous nations of unique foods available.

  1. Mendoza, Argentina

Argentina is another nation which is filled with amazing food, and it gives an enthralling experience. Argentina has varied types of foods and drinks, and Argentina is a very authentic country full of authentic taste and wine. Most of the restaurants are filled with amazing wineries and beautiful tastes.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a country that is filled with authentic Thai food which tastes different and authentic in nature. There are varied types of food available in Bangkok. All kinds of food which are available in Bangkok are different in taste. It tastes everywhere the authentic, beautiful taste of varied, tasty Thai foods.

It is a saying by foodie people that they live for food. The experience of tasting tapas in Barcelona, the Sushi in Tokyo, Chowmein in Chinese, Chilaquiles in Mexico, and India is a land of foodies from all around the world. In this article, we will understand and have a round with our merry – go -round and explore the beauty of food all around the world. Let us fasten the seatbelt and go on an exploration.