10 Best Spanish Foods You Should Know About

In essence, Spanish traditional foods are those whole and oriental foods that have been eaten for centuries and even millennia. Spanish Cuisine is one of the very famous cuisines worldwide.

Spain cuisines have gained huge popularity and utility in modern times. It consists of the traditional recipes from Spain. Herbs, Olive oil, Garlic are commonly used in the Spanish Cooking.

Below are the 10 best Spanish foods you might want to know about, if you are a foodie and want to experiment with your flavors.


Croquetas are made up of olive oil, butter, flour and milk enriched with leftover scraps of Serrano ham and is deep fried till it becomes golden brown crispy.

It originated in France, in the 19th century.

It was earlier known as Croquettes but later became Croquetas or Croquetos in Spain.

It is served with salty and lime flavored wedges. It is very important to cook Croquetas at a specific oil temperature.

It has a creamy and delicious flavored texture.

Tortilla Espanola

It is known by many names in different areas of Spain, such as Tortilla De Patatas, Tortilla Esopanol or Tortilla etc.

It is made up with olive oil, potatoes, salt and the fresh eggs. Basically it is a Spanish omelet of eggs and potatoes.

It is served at room temperature and is great for any meal of the day.

It can be served in breakfast as the main course and in sandwiches which is famous among the kids.

It lasts for 3 days in the fridge. It is very healthy and is very rich in proteins.


Gazpacho is also known as Andalusian Gazpacho. It is a soup made of raw and blended vegetables.

Gazpacho is inclusive of fresh tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, garlic and herbs.

It is very healthy and rich in nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, fibers and in vitamins (C, A and E). These all can prevent a lot of harmful diseases.

It is very creamy and rich in texture. It tastes like ripe tomatoes.

Gazpacho is a great appetizer during the hot summer days.


It is also known as Pisto Manchego from the Region of Murcia, Castilla LA Macha and Extremadura.

It is made up of tomatoes, onions, eggplant, green-red pepper and olive oils.

It is called the Spanish version of stewed vegetables. It is accompanied with bread or meat or some cheese.

It can be served as starters, main course or even a side dish.

For the best Pistol experience red wine can be served.

Pulpo Ala Gallega

It is also known as Pulpa Estilo Feira and is a traditional Galician dish.

It is prepared by dipping the Octopus Tentacles in and out of the boiling water three times, holding by its head and then finally boiling the octopus inside a copper cauldron.

It is mostly served on sliced potatoes making it a light yet warming meal.

It is a Traditional dish that comes from the region of Galicia, which is very famous for its quirky seafood cuisine. It is also the main dish during the festival of the city of Lugo of the Patron Saints.


It is also called Fabada Asturiana. It is a rich Spanish bean stew. It originated in the autonomous community of Principality of Asturias.

It is available everywhere in Spain and also worldwide.

It is mainly eaten during the winters as it is a very hot and heavy dish. It served as a starter and main course too. It is served with cider or red wine.

Spices of all sorts could be added to your Fabada depending upon one’s taste. Main ingredients are Fabes De La Granja, Lacon, Bacon, Morcilla, Chorizo, Olive oil, Sweet Paprika, garlic and Salt.


It is one of the best dishes in Spanish Cuisine. It originated in Valencia. Many non-Spaniards recognize it as the national food of Spain but Spaniards almost unanimously consider it to be a Valencian dish.

It is a perfect meal for someone who loves vegetables.

It consists of rice, Bajoqueta and tavella, rabbit, chicken, duck (sometimes), garrofo, olive oil and seasoned with whole rosemary branches.

It is also known as Paella Marinera.

Gambas Al Ajillo

It is mainly found in the South and Central of Spain.

The primary ingredients consist of garlic, olive oil and shrimp but there are a number of variations.

It is very easy to cook, which only takes 10 minutes to get ready. It has a hint for garlicky taste.

It is very important to make sure you have all ingredients before you start cooking as it takes very mere minutes to cook. It is a great dish for any party or urgent celebration.

Patatas Bravas

It is also known as Patatas A La Brava or Papas Bravas which means ‘spicy potatoes’.

It consists of white potatoes widely chopped into cubes. And then it is fried in oil and served with some spicy and warm sauce.

It is a simple yet mouth watering dish for beginners to cook.

It can be served with some extra toppings such as chicken or fried fish.

It originated from Madrid. It is commonly served in bars around Spain.

Leche Frita

Basically Leche Frita is a mixture of milk, flour and sugar coated in eggs and flour. And then it is fried in olive oil. Before serving they are coated with sugar, powdered with cinnamon. It can be presented with a layer of whipped cream.

It originated in Spain and is among one of the most delicious desserts of Spain. It is also known as the fried milk.

This desert is very famous in north Spain.


The above information concludes that Spanish Cuisine is delicious, nutritious and yet very simple to cook.

Spanish Foods helps in evolving the benefits of good dietary and lifestyle patterns from an early age onwards creating a positive impact on people’s health throughout their grown-up life and enhance the productivity of individuals and nations.

Any person can cook these foods/meals at home by taking proper precautions and recipes.