10 incredible facts about eating fruits and vegetables that you probably didn’t know

Eating fruits and vegetables are very important for the overall growth and development of any individual. If you ask why we consume food, it is because of energy and an increase in life productivity. Different fruits have different levels of nutrient value, and affect our health differently and the same goes for vegetables too. Some of them are regarded as a superfood and some of them are regarded as not to be consumed if you have certain diseases. Here, the most important thing to be kept in mind is to consume only one suits us best. It has a great nutritive value of all kinds of fruits and vegetables. They are full of proper nutritional value and goodness. Now let us discuss the ten benefits, or magic wonders that we can enjoy while consuming vegetables and fruits.

Advantages of eating fruits and vegetables

  1. It keeps the balance of our body intact.
  2. It doesn’t make us feel softer.
  3. Another point is if we continuously eat these and can include them in our diet, then it is a certain fact that we will see changes for the better days of skin and hair.

Unknown facts about fruits and vegetables:

  1. Leafy vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber

Fibres are good for our digestion. It helps us to eat healthily and have proper digestion proceedings. This allows us to have fibre content in our body. If we want to explain the green leafy vegetables as examples, we will know that spinach is very good.

  1. Banana

Banana is often regarded as a superfood. It has all kinds of nutrients that are required for our body to increase productivity. So we should consume more and more bananas per day. One banana contains about five to seven types of nutrients like– carbohydrates, fats, roughage, protein, vitamin, iron and many more. According to doctors, we should consume more and more bananas as it will help to have our perfect nutrition to be intact.

  1. It balances the water content of the body

Vegetable and fruit both have a high level of water content. If you need to be nagged to drink water then you can consume fruits and vegetables as much as you want to. It will provide the required water in your body and hence keep you energetic throughout. It helps to keep our body in a balanced proportion.

  1. All the fruits have certain benefits

Fruits and vegetables can never be useless. All kinds of fruit have certain benefits, and without benefits there cannot be any free consumption. It gives many minute nutrients and the known ones like minerals, roughage, protein, fat, vitamin and many more. It helps us to have high nutrition and combat illness.

  1. Bitter Gourd helps us to fight diseases

Bitter Gourd is again a helpful superfood when we want to keep the immunity system of our body intact. It is so powerful that it is said that if you have any allergies or skin problems, eating bitter gourd regularly will help us to fight any such thing. Bittergourd is also known to clean our blood and help us to be energetic throughout.

  1. Pineapples are great fruits; until it destroys you taste buds

Pineapple is a super fruit, but it contains an enzyme which is known as bromelain. This bromelain is responsible for breaking the enzymes inside your mouth and on your tongue, and thus, we often feel that we cannot taste anymore after consuming a state pineapple. Yes, stale, not to forget the fact that it should be stale, and then only it happens. If the pineapple is kept inside the fridge for days-this can be an effect.

  1. Vegetables have more protein than chicken stew

This should be a known fact eating vegetables will help us to feel intact and strong. If we can consume more and more vegetables preferably boiled it will definitely affect the human body. Chicken stew has protein but if we can consume vegetables more, it will stop us from having protein deficiency in the body.

  1. Apples

It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away is an ancient tradition where it is said to have pomegranate and apple daily to have a good blood-related system. There are two kinds of apples which are – green apple and red apple, both have different utilities and effectiveness. If you want to keep good care of health, consuming more and more fruits will be essential. Especially fresh apples, it will help us to have blood in the body.

  1. Ginger and turmeric

If you are someone who tends to get a cough and cold, they often consume ginger and turmeric more and more. These two vegetables have great medicinal value in clearing the throat and reducing cough and cold. We should consume these two quite often in several ways.

  1. Be alert with toxic fruits

Toxic foods are something with which we need to be alert. These fruits and vegetables do contain some non-edible materials known as chemicals. The widely consumed harmful material is cyanide. According to doctors, cyanide in very minimal amounts is harmless. But When consumed in high quantities, it might create problems. We will list a few fruits and vegetables that can be consumed but being alert at first–apricots, peaches, cassava. Sometimes in little or low levels in apples. Also, potatoes sometimes contain toxic chemical materials named solanine. We should wash the vegetables very nicely and then cook.


Through this article, we can understand that it is essential for us to consume fruits and vegetables. They have high nutritive value essential for children’s motor skill development and also help to have proper discipline . We should keep on consuming and helping us to grow in the rightest way.