10 Rainy Season Foods You Might Want to Include in Your Diet

When rain is accompanied by food, nothing can be better than that. Many people or many families tend to have a small eating ritual whenever it starts to rain. As we understand, torrential rain falls are always accompanied by wind or storm followed by cold weather muchmore. To satisfy our taste buds, we often take the help of numerous food items that are available to our rich. The main thing here is to remain healthy and go for such food which will have certain kind health benefits so that later on we can include it in our diet. It will help to have a class and healthy life and allow us to have interesting foods even if it doesn’t rain. Now let us discuss a few food items that we can have during rainy reasons and be included in our diet for a healthy and cozy lifestyle.

Let us fold our sleeves and dive into the details

  1. Soup

Soups are always favorite for most of the people out there. There are variations of soups like– corn soup, tomato soup, hot chicken soup, and many more types. But it is said that tomato soups are the best during the cozy rainy season, rainfall or winter rain. It is always healthy and beautiful since it will enhance our body immunity and protect us from all kinds of diseases. The best option will be to make your soup which will be without any type of preservative. Soups also keep the water quantity of our body intact. It is also beneficial if some toss of black pepper will help us ensure that we are out of cough and cold.

  1. Herbal teas

Though this is not a food but lists of drinks and tea is the most popular drink of the whole world, and all the countries love the Indian teas of exquisite taste from the lap of mother nature. And if it is impossible to get such tea, then you can make your beautiful tea. There are various kinds of tea to be made like– black lemon tea, milk garlic tea, fenugreek, and elaichi tea, tamarind and clove tea. By mixing these ingredients, we can make our delicious juicy tea by ourselves. The main thing is that it keeps us stronger and healthier and energizes our immunity level. These, if taken quite frequently, can combat coronavirus to the next level.

  1. Oats

Often many people are known to consider oats as a breakfast food item that can be consumed only for breakfast and never throughout the day. Still if oats is mixed with vegetables and masalas, it will definitely enhance the taste to another level and thus want us to eat more of it. It will help us to be satisfied with the belly to another level.

  1. Fruits

Fruits are always healthy for any time and for anyone. It helps us to have an excellent immune system, cures diseases and makes ourselves feel energetic and strong, and even gives us positive energy flow. America has a lot of fruits and berries which have been eaten highly. The fruits like– berries and cherries and different other fruits give us ravishing delicious taste when eaten on a monsoon day by looking at the window pane.

  1. Khichri

This is a typical Indian food but can be made easily in the USA with minimal availability and a simple process without any complications. You need any rice without being cooked, and pulses like masoor and we can mix vegetables of our choice with little spices and flavorings. We can make it taste beautiful.

  1. Coffee

Coffee is an all-time favorite of many people because there are about hundreds of coffees that can be created by mixing several ingredients and making the best of it. We can include coffee in our diet daily, one or two cups to keep lethargy away from us. If you love coffee, you definitely love it during monsoon and then you know how to add it to your diet.

  1. Warm water

This can be added to your diet differently, and can be drunk to have a safe and healthy life. Warm water helps to enhance your taste buds and also helps to have a gastric-free stomach. Many people love it during monsoon by adding salt and chili so that water is tasty and immensely healthy to drink.

  1. Fried Salted Corns

Corns are often the best snacks when it comes with little sizzling, which makes it even better. We can toss it in the oven and fry a little and if you are someone who loves simplicity in food making, this can be an ideal choice for you. At the end, you can add two to three drops of lemon and create a beautiful taste. We can always add corn to our diet as it has protein and lots of minerals.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is a basic ingredient when it comes to cooking, it acts as an important authentic ingredient and can be eaten raw on an empty stomach with warm water to strengthen immunity and strength, and during winter, we can eat a slice of turmeric raw or with milk mixed. It has high inflammatory properties.

  1. Onion and Cabbage pakoras or any other kind of pakoras

In the USA, pakoras are to be made, and some places are available through alleys of the city, the state, the country. We can make our own pakora with whatever vegetable we have. We need to know which vegetable goes with which one and according to that we can make this pakora and food enhance.

Thus these are the different foods that a resident or a visitor should follow irrespective of anything else they should follow and enjoy as a token of love from the USA. We have mentioned these few foods, but there are many foods in and the world to taste and explore.