5 Delicious Chicken Wing Recipes

5 Delicious Chicken Wing Recipes

If you are someone that wants to improve the food that you make in the kitchen, but you aren’t that great of a chef, why not try improving a dinner time classic? We all love chicken wings, but we never really switch up how we cook them. Here are 5 delicious chicken wing recipes that you must try today.

Twice cooked wings

If you are someone that loves wings, then it is likely that you are a fan of greasy crispy skin. However, not everyone likes how chicken wing skin tastes and if you can relate to this, we recommend that you try twice-cooked wings. Forget frying up your wings and then reheating them later in the microwave, this is how you should reheat chicken wings while also adding another layer of flavor. Twice cooked wings are wings that are fried in oil and then put in an air fryer, which gives them a crispy skin that is absolutely delicious.

BBQ Wings

If you are someone that wants to switch up your dishes, but you do not like stepping out of your comfort zone too much, then we recommend that you use BBQ wings. BBQ wings are just your standard chicken wing marinated in BBQ and it adds flavor to your wings that make them delicious.

Cheesy Wings

Everyone loves cheese and if you are cheese mad, then you need to try cheesy wings. Before you coat your wings in the batter, dip it in melted cheese and then cover it in breadcrumbs. This traps the cheese within a crispy coating and makes it delicious, this is not something that you should eat all the time because it is not great for you, but it is a fantastic occasional treat to have.

Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings are a very popular type of wing, and it is loved by anyone out there that is a fan of spicy food. Buffalo wings can have a serious kick, so if you are someone that can’t handle spice then I would recommend that you avoid trying these. These are best accompanied by a cooling dip which creates the perfect balance and means that the wings are not too overwhelming, which may be useful for those of you that are sensitive to spicy food.

Asian Wings

Many people forget that Asia has a reputation for creating some of the most amazing wings in the world. Fried chicken wings are an Asian delicacy and much like your standard western wings, they have delicious crispy skin. The difference between these wings and the wings that you are probably used to is the flavors. Asian wings are usually cooked in soy sauce and are cooked with Asian seasonings and served with mixed veg. You can expect them to be served on a bed of lettuce and spring onion and they are very popular Asian street food. These are served best with a sweet chili sauce, and they are absolutely delicious.