The 15 Best Spooky Halloween Dishes

After trick-or-treating, don’t forget to stash away sweet treats – we have some spine-tingling savoury recipes for you to try as well.
In preparation for Halloween, you will find adorable Halloween appetizers as well as only slightly spooky Halloween main dishes to start.
It is true that there is something more satisfying than trying to freak out your kids when you tell them that they will be eating rats and snakes for dinner!

1. Halloween peppers stuffed with healthy ingredients

You don’t have to stick to pumpkins – did you know there are many other fruits and vegetables you can carve to look like jack-o’-lanterns? Kids can create their own freaky faces (under supervision) and fill bell peppers with a grain mixture. You’re going to love this super-healthy dinner.

2. Pizzas with mini mummies

As a bite-sized meal before trick-or-treating, you can make these using a few shortcuts.

3. Halloween Punch Creepy Crawler

It looks like bubbly toxic waste with slimy worms creeping out of it, so it is a tasty and creepy drink for Halloween.

4. A saucy spider with hairy legs

The perfect Halloween appetizer is a web of delicious doughy goodness.

5. Thumbprint Cookies with Cornmeal and Cherry

You can enjoy tasty fake blood with red jam. Bake these cookies, decorate them with red gel icing, and voilà! Bloodshot eyes. Blondies made with milk chocolate and raspberry jam can also be attributed to Dracula’s blood.

6. Chickpea and pumpkin curry

Seasonal Thai yellow curry paste can be found here, along with lemongrass, cardamom, mustard seeds, lime, ginger and mint. The sauce is enriched with coconut milk, giving this curry a silky texture. It’s a delicious vegetarian dish.

7. Ghost Pops

ghost pops

Bananas and yogurt make these spooky treats a healthy snack to feed your kids.

8. Trick-or-Treat Snack Tray

With this loaded platter, you can’t go wrong. We have something for everyone, whether it’s sweet or savory, spooky or silly!

9. Smoked Drinks & Cocktails

cocktail smoker
To give your adult drinks some spooky style, you can smoke your cocktails in a scary way. Here are some names of popular smoked cocktails – Beetlejuice, Bootstrap Manhattan, Smoked Fig

10. Quesadillas with pumpkin

This recipe is super cheesy and will not disappoint.

11. Black Cat Cookies

These chocolate cat cookies are so scary-good, even if you’re not superstitious.

12. Moss Cookies

The “fuzzy” texture of these gnarly nibbles is a result of Graham cracker crumbs.

13. Meringue Bones That Are Scary-Simple

We like scary-simple. It’s a light, airy meringue with an eerie twist on a classic recipe.

14. Monstrous Eye-Scream Cookies

 If you’re more of a cute person than a creepy person, these adorable ice cream cookies are perfect for you.
If you cannot find store-bought candy eyes, use homemade fondant for homemade candy eyes. Roll out fondant and cut out uniform small circles with straws to make candy eyes.

15. Halloween Red Velvet Cake

It has red velvet crumbles, bloody bones, and plenty of sugar – the perfect Halloween dessert. Cake, frosting, and bones of the DIY masterpiece require a few hours of your time.