Top 5 Popular Dinner Combos in the USA

The United States is quite a huge country. With 50 states and an approximate area of 3.8 million square miles, the food taste also varies from state to state! There are over dozens of dinner preferences, and each dinner combo is a favorite of one or more states! After reviewing various favorite combos, we have accumulated the top 5 dinner combos that are healthy and easy to make! So if you are thinking of switching over to a new dinner combo or you want to have a taste of other popular combos, here are the five popular dinner combos that you must try:

  1. Beef + Fries + Tomato:

Most popular in: Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, etc.

This combo is a classic of the Midwestern states and is one of the most popular dinner combos in the States. The cut of the beef determines the quality of the meal! The most popular cut is the Porterhouse cut, as it consists of two cuts- a fillet mignon on one side and a New York strip on the other side. You can also consider the regular ground beef in this meal. Potato fries go best along with this dish, but sweet potato fries are also very popular in the South! To add a healthy touch to your meal, make your fries air-fried or oven-fried. Although many people incorporate ketchup instead of the whole tomatoes, you should consider the whole fruit for its benefits.

Health benefits: One healthy serving of this dinner combo contains:

  • Beef: protein, zinc, vitamin B-12, iron.
  • Tomato: potassium, vitamin C, folate, vitamin K.
  • Fries: vitamin C, manganese, potassium.

Variations: If you are on a Keto diet, you should swap the fries with turnips, radishes, or parsnips. After baking turnips and parsnips or cooking radishes, they almost taste like potatoes!

Recipes: Peruvian Lomo Saltado, Beef and Tomato Stir-Fry, T-Bone Steaks with French Fries, and Roasted Tomatoes.

  1. Chicken + Salad + Rice:

Most popular in: Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Florida, New York, etc.

You will find a lot of variations for this dinner combo. This combo is a classic American dinner starting from grilled chicken on the coasts to fried chicken in the South; this combo is a classic American dinner! Chicken is considered one of the best sources of proteins. No doubt that green vegetables are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Although some research says that rice might lead to weight gain, it a great carbohydrate to include in your meal, especially if it is non-white rice!

Health benefits: One healthy serving of this dinner combo contains:

Variations: You can try black or brown rice instead of the regular white ones. Brown rice contains several minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B1, B6, manganese, phosphorus. The black rice has a sweet, nutty flavor and is rich in anthocyanins.

Recipes: Rainbow rice and chicken salad, Wild Rice Chicken Salad, Chicken, Grape, and Rice Salad.

  1. Beans + Potatoes + Cheese:

Popular in: Illinois, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada, etc.

The beans, potatoes, and cheese combo is one of the favorite dinners of the States’ people. Healthy as well as tasty, they make a hearty dinner! Cooked potatoes are high in various essential minerals and vitamins and have more potassium than bananas. However, if you are on a paleo diet, you can skip it as it contains high carbs. Cheese can make you fat, but mozzarella and feta have less amount of fat. Fresh beans are a key to a healthy diet! However, it would be best to refrain from using canned bins as they are high in sodium.

Health benefits: One healthy serving of this dinner combo contains:

Variations: You can swap the beans with thinly sliced and roasted cauliflowers. They are also great for a paleo diet. If you plan on baking the potato, replace the butter with ricotta cheese as it adds a luscious flavor along with low salt content.

Recipes: Baked Potato with Beans and Cheese, Beans and Cream Cheese Potatoes, Mexican bean, and potato bake.

  1. Pork + Couscous + Spinach:

Popular in: Ohio, North Dakota, Minnesota, Florida, Texas, Alaska, New York, Georgia, etc.

Pork is a very versatile ingredient as there as several ways to prepare it! You can braize it, barbeque it or roast it! In the Southern states, pork is drizzled with barbeque sauce, whereas on the coasts, the pork is kept accurate to its flavors. However, you may prepare pork any way you like, but spinach and couscous are healthy accompaniments to this dinner combo!

Health benefits: One healthy serving of this dinner combo contains:

Variations: If you have been a lot of salad lately, then you can include vegetables instead of spinach in this meal. You can also consider buying frozen vegetables as they are packed at their ripeness and contain more nutrients than fresh ones!

Recipes: Sticky pork skewers with orange and spinach, Toulouse Pork Meatballs with Couscous and Spinach Salad, Greek Seasoned Pork with Lemon Couscous.

  1. Egg + Bread + Bell peppers:

Popular in: Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, Arizona, North and South Carolina, Colorado, etc.

This combo of eggs, bread, and bell peppers are a powerhouse of essential nutrients and vitamins! Due to its versatile ingredients and from the perspective of a balanced diet, this dinner combo is a favorite of most of the states of the United States. Whole wheat bread can offer an outstanding balance of fibers. You can make your eggs scrambled, sunny side up, or fried. Bell peppers provide a lot of vitamins and fibers and is essential for a healthy diet!

Health benefits: One healthy serving of this dinner combo contains:

Variations: You can add sliced or spiced avocados to enhance the taste. Try to add different colors of bell peppers as each variant has its health benefits.

Recipes: Bell Peppers and Egg Sandwich, Egg and Pepper Sandwiches, Spanish Scrambled Eggs with Bell Peppers, and Garlic Toast.

Dinner is an integral part of a balanced diet plan! You should include many vegetables, proteins, and a sufficient amount of carbs in your meal. All these dinner combos have been chosen to cater to these essential nutrients and vitamins. So what’s your favorite?